October PTA Meeting (7:30pm)


Speaker Information

Names: Cixin Wang and Anirban Banerjee

Title: Taking proactive steps to prevent racism and violence against Asian Americans: Building a safe and supportive school for all students 

Abstract: Bullying and discrimiation is detrimental to everyone involved, including victims, perpetrators, as well as bystanders. Although violence and racism directed at Asian Americans have come under the limelight in the wake of the recent Coronavirus related incidents, there has been an ongoing saga in American society since the first Asians settled down in the US. Not only do these incidents undermine the basic rights of Asian Americans and their ability to successfully integrate into American society, it threatens the future of the country as it looks to an ever more heterogeneous population compared to any time in the past. In this presentation, we will provide some examples, discuss concrete steps for students, parents, and other bystanders to stop bullying and discrimiation in the NBMS community. We will also discuss how parents support youth who experience bullying and discrimination.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 7:30pm